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James Bond at MI6 HQ: The worlds most visited unofficial website with full coverage of Spectre, James Bond 24, the new James Bond film starring. A collection of some of the best quotes from the 21st film in the James Bond series, Casino Royale. Includes quotes by James Bond, Vesper  Film Number ‎: ‎21 of 24. [ Bond returns to his seat in a game of poker after being poisoned] I'm sorry. That last hand nearly killed me.


40 great james bond quotes (daniel craig) James Bond Quotes Q James Bond James D'arcy Q Skyfall James Bond Skyfall Youth Quotes Craig Bond Daniel Craig James Bond Daniel O'connell Forward. And you're good casino royale theme reading people? He invested their money and gave them access to it whenever and wherever they wanted it, and he's also a chess prodigy and a mathematical genius and liked to prove it by playing poker. And of course, it's not only the immediate agony, but the knowledge Give our guests five minutes to leave

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Pokies online free spins News SIGN UP LOG IN. You've got your armour back on. More Casino Royale Chris Cornell Behind The Scenes 5 Behind The Scenes 4. I believe in a reasonable rate of return. Three measures of Gordons, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet.
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Ahc How did he die? Oh, not enough to stop. There isn't enough room for me and your ego. Bond, do it soon enough and she might even be in one piece. I'm putting you in the game: They don't care what we do; they care what we get photographed doing. Arrogance and self-awareness seldom go hand in hand.

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Ten million was wired to your account in Montenegro, with the contingency for five more if I deem it a prudent investment. She'd just prefer it if it wasn't selling secrets. James Bond Quotes Daniel Craig Skyfall Designer Clothes Online James Bond Skyfall Poster Styles Bond Girls Retro Posters Backless Dresses Adele Forward. Skyfall Quote About together sky fall James Bond crumbles Shake it very well until it's ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon-peel. Why the hell couldn't they stay at home and mind their pots and pans and stick to their frocks and gossip and leave men's work to the men. I'll shoot the camera first next time.

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Even accountants have imagination Bond: Yes No Share this Share this: I sized you up the moment we met. Anyone want to play poker now? He regains consciousness ] James Bond: