follow up to dark knight rises

Now obviously the Dark Knight Rises was meant to be the last of the Nolan series but I think we can all agree that they have left it open for a spin off/ sequel. For most of us, though, 's The Dark Knight Rises is still a fresh memory. Following 's disappointing Batman & Robin, director Christopher Nolan. Could we have seen The Riddler star in a Dark Knight Rises sequel? See the awesome trailer here now!. follow up to dark knight rises


The Ending Of The Dark Knight Trilogy Explained Here's What The Director Says Would Christopher Nolan Ever Direct A James Bond Movie? A Dame to Kill For," JGL played a cocky young gambler who runs afoul of a powerful senator Powers Booth who turns out to be his dad. In director Marc Webb 's breakout comedy " Days of Summer," JGL played a Los Angeles something who fell in love with a woman Zooey Deschanel who doesn't believe in love. Nolan stated that he thinks that the popular movie's final scenes in "Dark Knight Rises" are without a doubt the end of the Batman story as he saw it. To add to the buzz, real onlinr had been swirling earlier this week that Gordon-Levitt may indeed be on board as the next Batman in the "Justice League" movie. Hit the jump to read on. And the whole point of the trilogy was the symbolism of Batman, so that, unlike a man, Batman cannot be killed and could be .